What are the project stages?

    • Stage One - Community Engagement and Schematic Design (Complete)
    • Stage Two - Schematic Design and Costing (Complete)
    • Stage Three - Construction and Contract Administration

    What stage is the project at?

    The project is now at Stage Three - Construction and Contract Administration. Following a two-stage tendering process which included an Expression of Interest, shortlisting and a Request for Tender, the City endorsed Ertech Pty Ltd as the preferred tenderer in January 2021.

    Which areas will be designed; what will they look like?

    There will be a number of areas scheduled for development including St Barbara’s Square and the Laneway.

    The designs are based on the community-led place plan developed in August 2018 and reflect the key themes of a hand built city, (re)discovery, and catalyst.

    How were the design areas selected?

    The Place Proposition, Place Plan and Destination Snapshots 2018 assisted in developing the selected design areas.  These were selected based on the collective community view indicating priority areas for development that could be progressed with available funding. Additional precincts may be integrated in time, subject to future investment decisions.

    Who designed the Kalgoorlie City Centre project?

    ASPECT Studios Pty Ltd were appointed as the detailed design firm on 25 November 2019.  ASPECT are an internationally awarded firm specialising in public realm projects.

    How will businesses be impacted or disrupted?

    The City will work closely with local businesses, property owners and tenants to minimise interruptions during the construction stage, to communicate what works will be taking place, how long they will take and which areas will be affected.

    How will the City deter crime from occurring in the City Centre?

    Crime Prevention through Environmental Design has been integrated into the design principles along with upgraded CCTV and lighting.

    What considerations are being made for Disability Access?

    The Project Design has been developed in line with relevant disability access legislation and requirements. Various features such as the ground level water play area and additional shade have been accommodated.

    Are there any Aboriginal Economic Development opportunities?

    The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is working closely with our funding partner, the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission to ensure that these opportunities are provided during the project development. The City recognises the need for genuine collaborative processes, entrepreneurial opportunities and a clear cultural positioning for the City Centre.

    What will be the economic benefits to businesses post-construction?

    Central to the success of this project is repositioning the Kal City Centre as a safe, welcoming, authentic and engaging place which truly reflects Kalgoorlie’s people and way of life. This will increase foot traffic and attract people to stay longer in the City Centre to shop, eat and engage in entertainment.

    How has the project been communicated to businesses historically?

    Extensive consultation has been carried since 2018. Community members and stakeholders were invited to participate in workshops to have their say in the design process. These workshops resulted in more than 1,000 responses which identified the requirements to return the CBD into a thriving heart of economic, cultural and physical activity.

    Following on from the consultation process, the City translated these responses into a vision for the future, and captured them in a Place Plan, setting out the overall city centre philosophy and precincts.

    In early 2019, the City determined which precincts should be funded with the available $16 million budget. Then, in December 2019, the City tasked ASPECT Studios with turning the community engagement work by Element into detailed designs for construction.

    What disruptions to service(s) will occur?

    The City will work closely with local businesses, property owners and tenants to minimise disruptions during the construction stage.

    Impacted businesses will be notified a minimum of 48 hours in advance of planned works where possible.

    Where will the tenants be able to park during construction?

    Retailers will receive Exemption Permits as per their lease agreement which will enable them to access parking anywhere across the City.

    What are the considerations for delivery drivers for shops along the Endowment block?

    A dedicated delivery bay (to the left of the bus bay in St Barbara’s Square) is currently available on Hannan Street for Endowment Block retailers. The location for the bay may change as part of the project; however, there will be a delivery bay central to the Endowment Block Buildings.

    Who can I contact throughout the project for any concerns / updates?

    You will be able to contact the Kal City Centre Team via email kcc.comms@ckb.wa.gov.au for any questions regarding the project. There will also be a site office once construction begins for any concerns relating to the construction.

    How do I find out more, receive regular updates – specific to business impacts i.e. construction timeframes?

    The City will be frequently updating this project page, the City’s Facebook and Instagram pages throughout the duration of the project.